Why Thermasteel


Strength – No other building system provides the strength and capability of REVPANEL. Build up to 8 stories, without additional structure and high hurricane, fire, and seismic resistance.


Faster Construction – Reduces construction steps from 4 to 1, eliminating steps for framing, insulating, sheathing and vapor barrier. Panels are pre-engineered and manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to exact standards and delivered with door and window openings cut and ready for installation.


Simple Installation – Simple to install regardless of the labor skill level. Panels are delivered to job site numbered from the factory so that installation flows quickly. Lightweight panels (45lbs) eliminate the need for lifting or cranes.


Energy Efficient – Designed for energy efficiency, delivering effective R-Value up to R-49 and reducing energy costs by up to 75%. R-Value also does not degrade over time.


Flexible Cladding – Allows for virtually any type cladding including (but not limited to) brick, siding, metal or stucco.  Interior walls can be finished with dry wall, plaster or any other type of finish.


Fire Safety – Fire-resistant system that, with various fire assemblies, meets one and two hour fire testing. Tests have also proven that REVPANELS give off fewer toxins.


Exceeds Wind Safety Codes – Meets or exceeds Dade County Hurricane Standards, withstanding 200 MPH winds and exceeding traditional building methods against flying debris.


No Mold – Closed cell expanded polystyrene does not allow for mold and other fungi.


Environmentally Friendly – Made with recycled materials and completely recyclable. Does not “off gas”. EPS (Expanded
Polystyrene), CFC and HCFC free.


Insect Deterrent – Uses steel and expanded polystyrene
– neither of which are of nutritional value to wood-boring insects such as termites.


Sound Attenuation – Improves sound attenuation,
reducing sound conduction throughout the structure. Often used in multi-family, hotel/motel and dormitory projects where sound reduction is a key objective.


Closed Cell – Closed cell technology eliminates moisture
absorption, increases structural strength, reduces air circulation and reduces sound transfer compared to open cell.