ThermaSteel is Sustainable

Sustainable building materials help lighten the footprint of any construction project. They reduce the impact on the environment by using products that are either completely renewable or gathered in a way that doesn’t mar the surrounding area, pollute the air, or permanently reduce the supply. They provide further benefits during the building’s lifecycle by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency.


Did you Know

  • It would take one hundred 8.5 in. diameter trees to build a 1500 sq ft home. (ref: Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Educational Programs) That’s nearly an acre of forest. ThermaSteel uses only the steel from 2 recycled cars!
  • Hi-Tech homes save energy, as well as money. ThermaSteel homeowners save an average of 50-70% on their heating and cooling costs compared to stick-built homes!
  • There is little to no construction site waste to contribute to our nation’s landfill crisis. This is in contrast to the average 20-40% waste factor of lumber on traditional job sites.
  • Hi-Tech’s expanded polystyrene building products are made with recycled content and can be recycled for use in other building materials, toys, and furniture.
  • ThermaSteel panels use 80% recycled steel; the ability to recycle this material is imperative to the use of such non-renewable resources.
  • ThermaSteel panels complete four functions in one, fast, high-tech step: framing, insulation, sheathing, and vapor barrier. Using fewer materials to make a superior home!
  • Since ThermaSteel panels do not off gas, use of these materials does not add to greenhouse gasses or damage the ozone layer