Steel Structural Insulated Panels

Steel structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a high strength composite building material. Steel structural insulated panels are also referred to as Steel SIP or (SSIP). The steel SIP core is composed of a rigid insulation, bonded with steel. The rigid insulation core is composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane foam. About 90 to 95 percent of the SIPs manufactured in the United States use an expanded polystyrene core.

The steel SIP is a high performance and highly durable building material used in high performance construction. ThermaSteel Steel SIPs are available in various sizes and thickness, they are delivered to the build site the correctly sized and precut to meet your specifications which includes door and window openings. ThermaSteel is certified for use in all climates and areas of extreme weather. The ThermaSteel SIP and ThermaSteel building system are a revolutionary advancements in building materials and construction methods. ThermaSteel steel SIPs are used in commercial, residential, and industrial construction to build floors, roofs and load bearing walls. To understand the ThermaSteel steel SIP, the following information provides a brief overview of durability, construction efficiency, green living and overall energy savings.


Steel SIPs provide far more strength than wood frame construction. ThermaSteel panels are approved for use in all climate regions. ThermaSteel passes the Miami-Dade hurricane standards, seismic zone nine in Russia, and European BBA code 1449. Additionally, SSIPs are not plagued by the common problems associated with wood frame construction such as fire, mold, mildew, termites and other pests. Structures built using steel SIPs are designed to last for generations.

Construction Efficiency

Steel structural insulated panels arrive on site pre-sized and precut to specification, including include window and door openings. Using building materials correctly sized and delivered to spec drastically reduces build time. A wood frame project requiring months of construction can typically be reduced to weeks or even days using ThermaSteel. The steel SIPs are very lightweight and easy to handle, a 4′ x 8’ ThermaSteel SIP only weighs about 49 pounds. ThermaSteel SIPs provide high strength framing and superior insulation in one simple step.

Steel Structural Insulation Panels are also known to lighten the carbon footprint of construction sites, making them a green alternative to tradition wood or steel framing. Research shows that steel SIPs cut down on construction debris and framing costs because panels arrive at the job-site already sized to specification. Hence, unlike the waste factor of lumber on traditional job sites which tends to average around 20-40%, there is little to no project waste to add to the nation’s landfills.

Steel SIPs also contribute incredible value in terms of the overall homebuilding and commercial building market. The panels are made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with no thermal bridging. In layman’s terms, this means that no cold can escape through the panels. This allows builders to continue construction even in unfavorable weather conditions, thus keeping building costs down and construction timetables running smoothly.

Green Living

Steel SIPs reduce the impact on the environment by using materials that are either completely renewable or assembled in a manner that won’t disrupt the work-site area or land around it, emit harmful gasses or cause air pollution. Steel is required for manufacturing steel SIPs and the amount of steel required amounts to a total of two recycled cars. This is in sharp contrast to traditional wood construction, as some projects may need around 100 trees to build one 1,500 sq. ft. home. Even the expanded polystyrene (EPS) is made with recycled materials and can be re-used for other building needs.

Additionally, Steel SIPs have proven to be environmentally friendly by reducing fossil fuel consumption (such as oil and gas) as well as greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide) into the air during the time owners heat and cool their home or building. ThermaSteel patented insulation provides improved indoor air quality. This results in cleaner indoor air leading to less humidity, dust, fewer respiratory problems and allergies.

Energy Savings

These steel panels can reduce a home or commercial building energy requirement by 50-75%. This effectively lowers utility costs and provides long-term savings. In addition, the less energy a building or home uses results in a less expensive heating and cooling system, sometimes up to 40%.