heated-driveway-paver-lgOutdoor Radiant Heat — Saving You Time and Money

Homeowners and business owners are discovering the unique opportunities that are available to them through outdoor radiant heating. These radiant heating options are not only able to save you money, but time as well.


FIR Floor HeatingA Better Way To Heat

Far infrared electric radiant floor heating systems are a great alternative to hydronic and forced air systems.  They are designed for use under virtually any flooring including carpeting, hardwood, and tile.


Healthy Dream Home™The Business Case for Green Building

The top two reasons for building green: client demand (35%) and market demand (33%).

The global green building market grew in 2013 to $260 billion, including an estimated 20 percent of all new U.S. commercial real estate construction.


sip_32The Benefits of Building a Thermal Envelope with Structural Steel Insulated Panels


Energy Efficient Homes

New Study Shows Energy Efficient Homes YIELD Remarkable Value

New study finds that people who held mortgages on homes with Energy Star certifications were, on average, 32 percent less likely to default than those with mortgages on homes with no energy-efficiency improvements.


Hurricane Sandy New JerseyRebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

The tragic event of Hurricane Sandy shows the importance of choosing the best home construction materials available.


School IAQ Linked to Health and Performance

Students may be at risk of short-term health problems such as fatigue and nausea, as well as long-term problems. Educators, administrators and planners improve IAQ with SSIPS.


Hurricane Irene

Not All Buildings Are Created Equal Steel SIP (aka SSIP) construction is stronger than conventional framing. SSIP homes are designed to meet requirements as high as 155mph wind loads.