ThermaSteel is Green

Any discussion of Green should ALWAYS tied to health. To speak of “Green,” is to speak of health benefits of an item. These are generally viewed in immediate and long-term health concerns.


 ThermaSteel SSIPS…

  • Are waterproof and thus do not host molds that may cause air quality issues especially for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Contain no pesticides and have no nutritional interest to insects,  making panels impervious to termites, carpenter ants, and other unhealthy infestations.
  • Give off fewer  toxins than conventional wood framing in a fire
  • Do not off-gas (emit chemical gasses from the manufacturing process into the building environment) as they are completely inert, unlike traditional OSB SIPs which are made of wood and adhesives that emit a number of chemical gasses that may include formaldehyde.