Glencoe Residence Adds Warm Waves to Walkway

3Hi-Tech Building Systems recently supplied the engineering and materials for a Warm Waves Ice and Snow Melt job in Glencoe.  When the blue stone walkway was originally installed, the homeowner knew that they wanted Warm Waves, but did not have the opportunity to do it at that time.  The stones were simply set in place without any mortar, awaiting a good time for Warm Waves to be installed.  When the time came, the stones were removed, Warm Waves laid down, mortar added, and the stones replaced.  The Warm Waves came pre-cut and sheathed with ice and water shield.

Since the installation was on top of an existing concrete sidewalk and porch, no additional layers were needed.  In a typical install, there would be gravel and rigid insulation added.  The lack of these layers made the process even quicker than normal.

Crews loved the ease of working with Warm Waves and the fact that they could walk on it as they did the installation.  Other methods that they have used, such as hydronics, make it very difficult to maneuver during the installation, sometimes requiring the building of bridges over the walkway to avoid stepping on precarious pipes or wires.  On the contrary, Warm Waves’ 1/60″ thick film was just laid down easily and enabled them to immediately walk on it during the installation.

The homeowner is looking forward to winter free of ice and snow on his walkway this season.

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