ThermaSteel is Economical

The Hi-Tech system saves money throughout a building’s life, beginning with the construction stage. Combining 4 crucial steps — framing, insulation, vapor barrier, and sheathing — saves time and crew needs, thus reducing the labor budget for projects and the time to revenue earning.

After completion, the owner recognizes consistent energy cost savings since the system ensures an increased effective R Value over alternative forms of building (see a comparison of effective R-Values here). As an example, a 138,000 square foot, all electric senior living complex spends less than 3 cents per square foot on electricity each month.

Hi-Tech buildings are built not just for years, but for generations. As such, they save owners money in repairs and replacement. ThermaSteel’s resistance to water damage, wind damage, and insects makes it the perfect solution for maintenance-free living.

In a 2010 report, the Alliance for Environmental Sustainability (AES) analyzed data from LEED-certified homes in the Midwest found that the homes averaged 40% less energy use and utility costs annually when compared to conventional homes. Using ThermaSteel increased this savings to 50% – 70%.

A Price-Performance Ratio relates the cost of particular building system to the associated relative R-value and speed of construction. The table below shows how Hi-Tech’s ThermaSteel blows the competition away.









*Includes: Required Installation, Sheathing, Vapor Barrier, Headers, Wall Furring, Labor for Installation; Standard Openings

** The higher the ratio, the better the system