DIG Ready

field-of-dig-ready-matsDIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw mats are essential tools for building, excavation, road construction, and utility businesses that must maintain effective operating schedules regardless of frigid winter temperatures.


DIG Ready Is Schedule Ready
DIG Ready provides schedule certainty to project managers, regardless of weather conditions. By using DIG Ready Industrial Ground Thaw mats, frozen ground can be thawed below the frost line in only 48-72 hours, even in the most brutal weather conditions. Project managers can reliably build and excavate all year long with consistent productivity.  DIG Ready dries the ground as it thaws, removing moisture.  Thawed ground remains warm and dry for up to five days after thawing (provided it’s covered), ready for efficient excavation.


DIG Ready Is Profit Ready
DIG Ready helps control contractor costs by reducing trucking, logistics and the need for additional equipment to efficiently thaw and excavate frozen ground.  DIG Ready costs pennies per square foot per day to operate.
Because DIG Ready dries frozen ground as it thaws, the thawed gravel can be recycled and used or sold separately.


DIG Ready Is Operation Ready
DIG Ready ensures projects remain on schedule, regardless of weather conditions. Project managers can plan and bid with confidence.
Ground is thawed and DRY – ready to DIG for up to five days – and won’t freeze immediately after heating (if covered).