Basement and Pool Areas Benefit From Warm Waves

There’s nothing worse than getting out of the pool and being cold. A recent Hi-Tech Building client, located in Burr Ridge IL, won’t have to worry about that in her new house. The indoor pool area is being heated with Warm Waves in the concrete pool deck. Not only will occupants of the room be warm, their bare feet will appreciate the warm deck. The use of far infrared heating in this area avoids the need for ductwork that would allow moisture to come back into the house. The room is able to be totally closed off from the house and yet has a comfortable ambient temperature.

Warm Waves

Warm Waves Installation In Process In The Basement

This same homeowner used Warm Waves in the basement. The far infrared heating will not only make the basement comfortable, but will also provide a warm dry environment that will help alleviate mold and mildew.  Future plans include installation of Warm Waves throughout the first floor of the residence. It will be under wood and tile flooring, making for a healthy and comfortable home.