Hi-Tech works with homeowners, developers, builders, and architects to design the utmost in energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Hi-Tech is proud to represent the following products:

ThermaSteel – Steel insulated panel systems (SSIPs).

Warm Waves – FAR Infrared heating system.

Warm Waves Ice and Snow Melt System – Safety and convenience for outdoor spaces.

DIG Ready – Winter digging made easy.

With guidance from Hi-Tech, and use if its key products, buildings can earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points and be closer to an EnergyStar rating. Builders and homeowner can also save time and money during the building process and recognize substantial energy cost savings.

With over 40 years experience in construction and development, company president, Robert Tomczak has been witness to the shortcomings of traditional building methods. Intent on offering clients a 21st century solution, Robert sought out the best materials and technology available today. These time tested and industry proven materials not only save money and time, but also are key to protection against insects, mold, poor air quality, and extreme weather; all these benefits while at the same time being friendly to the environment.

Our network of experienced builders and architects are available to work with our clients and their existing team to make each project a success.

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